18 to 20 million Americans describe themselves as spiritually unhealthy.

Most Christians admit to equating spiritual maturity with “following the rules”

True Spirituality helps people by transforming hang-ups about rules and religion into real, rich relationship with God. Based on the national best seller from pastor and author Chip Ingram, the True Spirituality Church Kit infuses the Biblical principles of Romans 12 through weekend services, group study and daily devotional reading. The result is nothing short of transformational: Christians who really live like Christians.

True Spirituality helps people:

  • Realize God's dream for their life
  • Learn how to give God what He wants the most
  • Get God's very best for their life
  • Come to grips with who they really are
  • Experience authentic community
  • Respond to the evil aimed at them
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We also have studies for students and children.

True Spirituality Church Kit includes:

  • Startup Guide
  • True Spirituality book
  • Church Edition Group Study (DVD + Guide)
  • Resource Planning Guide
  • Access to the Church Resource Website
  • Church Resource DVDs:
    • Video coaching for leaders
    • Suggested sermon outlines with message notes
    • Bulletin shells and inserts
    • Powerpoint and Keynote templates
    • Communication Tools
    • Weekend handouts

What Others Are Saying

  • A clarifying breakthrough from God's Word, which proves a spiritual compass for anyone hungry for purpose and direction. True Spirituality clearly identifies God's timeless path for spiritual growth. It's amazingly relevant and applicable across the full spectrum of one's spiritual pilgrimage.

  • Amen! True Spirituality ignites my passion! Jesus said go make disciples, not decisions. My good friend Chip Ingram has given us a Biblical, practical and relevant pathway to achieving spiritual maturity.

  • Do you have faith to believe that your very best spiritual days are in front of you? Don't read this sitting down - get on your face, then on your feet.

  • Chip has gifted the church with a biblical and motivational pathway for pursuing God's dream for your life. The encouraging tools in True Spirituality will help you grasp what you have been reaching for. If you are searching for more in your walk with Jesus, I recommend you begin here.

  • Chip has managed to cut through all the Christian clutter and get straight to the meat of the matter. When all is said and done, all the fillers are just that - fillers. True Spirituality is where the rubber meets the road.